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The Three Main Types of Water Tests

Here at Facade Group, we understand that finding the right test and the right testing provider can feel like a minefield.

Abigail Moses 4th April 2023

The Three Main Types of Water Tests

If you have been tasked with researching or booking a water test for a building, then understanding the different types of water testing options is a must.

Here at Facade Group, we understand that finding the right test and the right testing provider can feel like a minefield. Our team is proud to work with both returning and new customers, providing a transparent UKAS-accredited water testing service with a no-fuss approach. With the ability to guide and advise you throughout the process, we really are your best bet for facade services in the UK.

Hose Test

The hose test consists of spraying water from a nozzle at a predetermined distance and speed for a specified amount of time.
In the CWCT standards, nozzle type, pressure, flow, and timing are all specified.

The duration of the test depends on the size of the test area, which is defined by the linear metres of joints.

Spraybar Test

Spraybar testing consists of a single bar mounted horizontally at a predetermined distance from the top of the test area.
The spray bar has nozzles mounted at 400mm intervals along its length.

The flow rate is determined based on the number of nozzles. The test duration is always half an hour.

Cabinet Test

An interior cabinet is constructed, and an exterior spray bar is installed.
Internal negative pressure is applied to the cabinet.
Starting with zero negative pressure, the spray bar's negative pressure increases over time.

The duration of the test will depend on the maximum pressure achieved.

How will I know if the building has passed its water test?

Once a test has been taken and passed, a pass certificate will be available for download from your Facade Group portal. This can be found at

Certificates are available 48 hours after the water test has concluded. Please note that we do offer an advanced service should you require the certificate sooner than 48 hours.

Schedule a Water Test

Visit and choose which test type from our "pre-site" forms. A team member of the team will evaluate your request and initiate the process. Send an email to or call 0208 0587414 for information on the testing procedure used and for general queries.

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Abigail Moses, 4th April 2023