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The Benefits of Commercial Jet Washing

The Benefits of Commercial Jet Washing

Abigail Moses 30th January 2023

The Benefits of Commercial Jet Washing

At Facade Group, we have become heavily in demand for commercial jet washing services, having been working at buildings across the country in recent months. The spike in interest for this service is primarily led by our team of skilled operatives paired with the world-leading equipment and methods we use.

What is Commercial Jet Washing?

Commercial jet washing is a cleaning method used to clean the exteriors of a building. This can include structures and concrete surfaces.

It involves using a high-pressure water spray to clear dirt, grime and other substances that may have collected on the surface area. It is a popular option for commercial buildings and businesses due to the fact that it is efficient and highly effective. What's more, commercial jet washing is safe for both the environment and the structure.

Below, we look at the many advantages of commercial jet washing. So, if you are considering investing in commercial jet washing, here are a few facts to take note of.

Enhancing the Appearance of a Building

Jet washing can rejuvenate your building by making it look clean and refreshed. This can enhance the building's appearance and boost its curb appeal.

Improved Health & Safety

Dirt, slime and other substances can be hazardous to health and safety. These contaminants can be removed by jet washing, making the area safer and healthier for those who use it.

Property Value Increase

A clean building can increase the value of your property. Jet washing can help your building's appearance and integrity, ensuring it always looks its best for a prospective buyer.


Regular cleaning can extend the life of your building by removing substances that can cause surface damage. This can also help to save money on future maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Water is used as the cleaning agent in jet washing, which is a renewable resource. Because it does not use chemicals that could harm the environment, it is an environmentally friendly option.

Book Commercial Jet Washing

To enquire about our commercial jet washing services, contact us today. Our team can provide details on availability and provide a free, no-obligation quote for you and your business to consider.

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Abigail Moses, 30th January 2023