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Our Glass Polishing Experts

Our Glass Polishing Experts

Abigail Moses 2nd March 2023

Our Glass Polishing Experts

If you’re looking for a business to supply glass polishing services in a commercial setting, then you will (understandably) want to know about the businesses’ set-up, their operatives and generally the level of service you can expect if
choosing them to polish your glass.

Here at Facade Group, we have been supplying glass polishing services for many years, with our team being well-positioned to polish all types of glass installations at all types of properties.

World-leading equipment and techniques

With Facade Group being an innovative brand that is always evolving, we ensure we are providing the most effective and modern equipment and techniques. This ensures the quick, no-fuss delivery of glass polishing services all year round. Due to our continuous investment into our personnel and our equipment, we can supply glass polishing solutions 40% quicker than our competitors.

Abseil trained and certified.

As you will have seen on our website, we are trained and qualified to work at extreme heights. This makes us the ideal provider of glass polishing services for high-rise buildings.

Our Glass polishers are IRATA, PASMA and Work at Height certified. Each operative holds a valid Face Fit Certificate for dust mask and abrasive wheel certification, meaning your building is in safe hands when being polished by us.

Plus, with a large team of trained and qualified abseilers, we can have multiple operatives polishing glass simultaneously. This decreases the timescale of larger projects, which is always an advantage!

Sustainable practices

As a modern brand, the Facade Group conduct every task with sustainability in mind. From travel to equipment purchasing and methods, we are proud to provide glass polishing and many other facade services that are kind to the planet.

Benefits of Glass Polishing

There are many benefits to glass polishing over replacing glass. Here are just a select few:

Cost: The cost of polishing glass is significantly lower than the cost of replacing glass. This is a key benefit that will impact a business’s bottom line.

Waste: All businesses are going to great lengths to reduce waste. Polishing glass over replacing it means no waste is generated, which is a huge tick for your business’ CSR policy.

Speed: If you have a building that is visually compromised with scratches and scuffs, having this rectified quickly will obviously be a core ambition. The speed in which a building’s glass can be polished is a huge selling point for many.

Cost of Commercial Glass Polishing

Want to bespoke quote for commercial glass polishing? Contact the Facade Group team today!

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Abigail Moses, 2nd March 2023