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Air Flow Testing

Air flow testing or 'air tightness testing' as it is often described, is a service that our team boasts extensive experience in, having conducted air flow tests on a broad spectrum of buildings across the country.

What is Air Flow Testing?

Air flow testing refers to the practice of testing the air that flows through a building, calculating the total volume of air lost through leaks in a building’s walls, floors, roof, windows and doors. The purpose of these tests are to ensure properties are as energy efficient as possible and are not losing too much hot air via the building's fabric.

By ensuring enough air is retained, property owners can not only reduce the environmental impact of their building and its energy usage but save the building's occupants on their energy bills. However, it is essential that the right amount of air continues to pass through the building to ensure adequate ventilation and avoid condensation building up. After conducting air flow tests on your building, we will produce a detailed report, allowing you to ascertain whether or not you have struck the right balance

Do I Need an Air Flow Test?

The law states that all new UK property developments need to have an air test carried out as part of Approved Document Part L (England and Wales) and section 6 of the technical handbook (Scotland).

Using the Facade Group For Air Flow Testing

Our fully accredited engineers are available to conduct air flow tests on a nationwide basis. Whether you are based in London, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff or anywhere else in the UK, we can ensure your property is compliant.