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Pull Testing

Here at the Facade Group, our team boasts many years of experience in the world of Pull Testing, offering a certified, compliant pull testing facility that has been utilised by clients across the UK.

What is Pull Testing?

Pull testing or ‘pull out testing’ as it is commonly referred to, is a process that involves attaching a test rig to a bolt, screw, anchor or fixing. The fixture is then put under pressure to determine its stress load, with the results of the test revealing how strong, safe and secure the fixing is.

Pull Testing

Our Pull Testing Services

Covering pull testing to its entirety, our team can conduct full pull tests of anchor points, walkway lines, work position points, safety lines and site construction fixings, utilising the most advanced calibrated equipment when doing so. Please note that we can conduct direct tensile tests on fasteners and many other forms of construction, with no job too complex or advanced for our dedicated testing team.

When conducting pull tests, we can install EN795 compliant abseil points and posts. Alternatively, our team can re-certify existing posts in order to gain access to the testing area.

To learn more about pull testing prices or if you require more details, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Pull Testing