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Water Testing

The Facade Group offers several specialist and generalised water testing services. This verifies the water tightness of systems by directing concentrated water sprays to specific areas. All of our tests are undertaken in accordance with European and International Standards and will be completed by a professional operative with deep-rooted industry knowledge.

While offering a huge variety of water testing solutions, our most in-demand are:

Hose testing
Spray bar testing
Cwct testing
Cwct water testing
NHBC water test
Facade testing

What’s more, we utilise the best equipment and technology in the business, allowing our team to conduct tests quickly, easily and with minimal fuss. So, whether you require water testing services for compliance purposes or to hand over a project, we can conduct your tests promptly and thoroughly.

To discuss any of our water testing services and solutions, contact our specialist team today.


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    What is CWCT water testing?

    CWCT water test is a leak detection test conducted on site to check workmanship and interface joints. CWCT has produced standards for the testing procedure defining the flow and pressure of water, distance from facade and timing of test.

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    Why is water testing required?

    Water testing is required under building regulations to validate workmanship and weather tightness of the facade.

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    What if a water test is failed?

    If a test fails, the remedial works should be documented and re tested after 7 days, this time allows any chemicals or adhesives to fully cure. Along with a re test, another area of similar size should be tested.

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    What if a water test is passed?

    Once a pass is achieved a certificate for the test will be generated showing the result, date, time, location and photographs of the test. Certification will be available 48hrs after testing and downloadable from the clients Facade Group portal page.

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    What are the different types of water test?

    Hose Test - sealed joint system.
    Hose testing consists of spraying water from a single nozzle at the facade at a set distance and moving over a controlled time. Nozzle type, pressure, flow and timing are all set in the CWCT standards. Timing for the test depends on the size of the test area calculated from the linear meterage of joints.

    Spraybar Test - operable components or open jointed systems.
    Spraybar testing consists of a single bar mounted horizontally to the top of the test area to a set distance away. The spray bar has nozzles mounted along it at 400mm centers. The flow rate is calculated depending on the amount of nozzles. The test is always set at 30 minutes.

    Cabinet Test
    A cabinet is built on the interior and a spray bar is set externally. A negative pressure is applied to the internal cabinet. The spray bar is started with zero negative pressure, over set times the negative pressure is increased. Test time will depend on the maximum pressure being achieved.

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    What is the process of water testing?

    With all test types, Hose, spraybar and cabinet testing the process is to apply a defined and controlled amount of water to the facade while inspecting the interior for any leakage.

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    Who is the regulatory body for water testing?

    NHBC and CWCT define the standards for testing. UKAS are a regulatory body who award companies a UKAS accreditation meaning they follow the rules for testing and record keeping.

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    Why use facade group for water testing?

    Facade Group is a UKAS accredited water testing company. Facade group issue UKAS accredited certification of test accepted by building control, NHBC and insurance companies.

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    How do we book water testing?

    book a test go to simply resister and select the type of test from the presite forms. A member of the Facade Group team will asses the form and begin the process. For more information on the testing process and for general inquiries you can email or call 0208 0587414.

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    Do we get a pass certificate?

    Once a test has been completed and achieved a pass result a certification of pass will be downloadable from your facade group portal at Certificates are available 48hrs after testing but an expedited service is available.

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    Do you offer consulting on water testing?

    Facade Group are always on hand for consultation on water testing either on a call email or site visit.

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    What equipment do you use?

    Facade Group use calibrated and verified testing equipment to meet the requirements and standards set by the CWCT.

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    How is the water testing equipment verified?

    Facade Group is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, we comply to strict rules on the purchasing, validating and record keeping of all test equipment used and are audited on a yearly basis by UKAS.