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Airflow Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

Air flow testing is the practice of measuring the amount of air that flows through a building.

Abigail Moses 12th March 2023

Airflow Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for air flow testing services but unsure of the process and what's required? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions; we hope they help!

What is Air Flow Testing?

Air flow testing is the practice of measuring the amount of air that flows through a building. The process involves calculating the total volume of air lost due to leaks in the walls, floors, roof, windows, and doors.

What's the goal of an air flow test?

The goal of these tests is to ensure that properties are as energy efficient as possible and are not losing too much air through the fabric of the building.

What are the advantages of having an air flow test?

Property owners can not only reduce the environmental impact of their building and its energy usage by ensuring adequate air retention, but they can also save the building's occupants money on their energy bills. However, it is critical that the proper amount of air continues to flow through the building to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent condensation from forming.

What's the difference between air flow testing and air tightness testing?

Nothing. These are simply two terms used for the same service.

Will I need an air flow test for a new building?

All new British property developments must, by law, complete an air test. This is stipulated in the Building Standards document: Part L (England and Wales) and Section 6 of the Technical Handbook (Scotland).

Air flow tightness tests are used when major renovations have been completed on a building, whether that be a commercial or residential property.

Why should I use Facade Group for air flow testing?

There are many benefits to using the Facade Group team for your air flow testing and requirements. As well as boasting a team of accredited operatives, we also cover the UK to its entirety. Whether you need an air flow test on a building in Cardiff, London, Birmingham or even Edinburgh, we can accommodate you.

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Abigail Moses, 12th March 2023